Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

PANTHER Learning Partners



With PANTHER Learning Partners, UNI joins a growing number of schools who engage students & faculty as active collaborators in teaching and learning. Participating student-partners will be consultants to their faculty-partners, serving as recorders/observers, interviewers, design consultants, “primed” students, etc. Students are not enrolled in their partners’ courses, but rather in a concurrent training and practicum course developed by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.



The goal is to capitalize on the exchange student and faculty perspectives, illuminating blind spots and creating benefits that flow in both directions. PANTHER Learning Partners serve the learning needs of selected courses and students, while realizing some of the benefits found in such high-impact exercises as undergraduate research, internships, experiential learning, and collaborative projects. In addition, this is an opportunity for both faculty and student partners to gain individual insights into vocation, exploring the question “Who am I as a [teacher, mentor, professional, etc.]?”


Student partners will build skills and broaden perspectives in a 2 credit hour course (Fridays from 2-3 pm) — “Student Faculty Partnership Seminar,” UNIV 3159 — which is designed to:

  • support various consultant roles in multiple disciplines
  • underscore the significance of self-awareness, metacognition, and active learning
  • provide skill development in taking field notes, providing effective feedback, collaboration
  • develop appreciation for differences in learning styles, personal strengths, and disciplinary habits of mind


If you are interested in this partnership to not only develop your professional skills and gain experience collaborating with faculty, click here to fill out the form.