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Writing Your Faculty Narrative Recording

If you missed our event Writing Your Faculty Narrative, there is still time to watch the recording before the October 15th deadline approaches! Click here to access the recording of the event from 10/5/21. 

Teaching in 10

Check out the latest episode of Teaching in Ten featuring Dr. Bill Henninger, Associate Professor of Family Services and Associate Dean in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Bill shares with us the power of compassion in our role as professors and reminds us that “students are going through a lot and any amount of reaching out and helping them means a lot more than you will ever know.” He also provides creative ideas for how to engage students both inside and outside of the classroom using humor, reality T.V., and Twitter. 


Teaching in Ten is a new podcast from the CETL hosted by Administrative Fellow & Professor in the College of Education, Dr. Sarah Montgomery. The purpose of the podcast is to provide in ten-minute episodes a space for higher education faculty to share teaching strategies and stories about how they engage students and support student success and well-being.

The podcast serves as an on-demand resource for faculty development and creates a space where faculty and higher education professionals can feel more connected to one another and explore our passion for teaching.

The first episodes include a story about the power of connecting with students from Dr. Sarah Montgomery and exciting ways to make learning accessible for all students from Dr. Cathalene Bowler in the College of Business.

Start listening to and sharing the podcast with colleagues!

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