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It’s time to think about the Wakonse Teaching Conference! 
Seriously.  You—yes, you—want to go to this conference.

May 23-28, 2019

Wakonse ( is a yearly “professor camp” on college teaching that takes place at Camp Miniwanca on beautiful Lake Michigan in Shelby, MI (about an 8 hour drive from UNI). UNI has brought a group of faculty to the conference for the past 5 years, and we’ve come home feeling edified, relaxed and rejuvenated! 

What you do: Pay $100 for registration. You will also need to pay for your food when we’re driving to and from the conference.

What the CETL does: Pays for the rest of your registration.  Drives you to the conference and back.  Offers you the opportunity to learn new stuff about teaching, to get to know faculty from different disciplines and institutions from around the country, and to hang out on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan for 4 days. 


If you are interested in going, or want more information, please email  We’ll have a CETL information session on Wakonse in Feb. 2019.

Workshop Announcement!
“Expanding Your Curriculum: Strategies for Making Your Courses More Diverse and Your Classroom More Inclusive”

Beginning January 2019

Although many faculty already integrate diverse perspectives, materials, and pedagogical approaches into their courses, many of us also struggle to this, either because we teach in disciplines that don’t seem to lend themselves readily to this approach and/or we lack the training we need to do this effectively.  We will bring together 10-15 colleagues from the arts, humanities, business, social sciences, and physical sciences who have a keen interest in diversifying both their course content and teaching strategies, but haven’t yet found ways to do this successfully. We especially encourage faculty in disciplines where incorporating diversity is perceived to be particularly difficult to apply.

During this workshop we will:

  • identify the characteristics of diverse courses and inclusive classrooms;
  • examine strategies for infusing more diverse materials and assignments into existing courses;
  • gain students’ perspectives on what makes an inclusive classroom, and explore classroom approaches that support inclusion
  • learn with each other in a relaxed and collegial atmosphere.

This workshop is being offered in partnership with the CME and the student organization, A.C.T.I.O.N, who are bringing the “Humanize My Hoodie” Project to UNI.  Workshop participants group will meet with Jason Sole and André Wright, the creators of the Humanize My Hoodie project on Friday, January 25.  A.C.T.I.O.N. will also present their diversity and inclusion training at the workshop to provide faculty members with student voice and experience directly drawn from the UNI campus. 

This workshop is open to all full time faculty.  Click Here to Apply!