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May 19, 2022 is FACULTY FUN DAY!

WHEN?          Thursday, May 19th - the day after grades are due - from 10:30am-2:00pm. On that date we will celebrate the end of the year, blow off a little steam, and engage each other in new and unexpected ways. 

WHAT?          Come discover what happens to our energy, capacity, and imagination when we are released from well-worn workflows. We are offering a variety of active opportunities to do this. During the lunch hour - for which we will provide portable options and perfect weather - you can compare notes and compete for real prizes. Sessions include:

  • Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Creative Writing
  • Botanical Center Tour
  • No-Experience-Necessary Rock Band
  • Carillon Tour & Demonstration
  • Makerspace Adventure
  • Prairie Walk
  • Watercolors
  • Improv for Beginners

WHY?          These sessions are invitations to think outside the .docx, with the affirmation of faculty being the common denominator. While you are busy having a blast you may not realize that each of these activities is something that someone, somewhere is using in their teaching!

HOW?         Use this link to learn more, sign up for specific sessions, and make your lunch selection. (It’s on us, with congratulations and thanks!)

UNIFIed Academy 2022 | May 23-26, 2022

Professional development for UNIFI faculty
Sponsored by UNIFI, CETL & the Office of the Provost
$1,000 stipends for participation and completion

It is exciting to think that the promise of our new general education model will soon be realized in student learning! The UNIFIed Academy – the “ed” is for educational development – will invite a select group of faculty to help define, implement, and disseminate transformative pedagogies for classes in this program.

The Academy is open to all faculty who will be teaching or proposing UNIFI courses. Organizers of the Academy will encourage a deliberate course-building process, from exploratory beginnings to the incorporation of specific teaching practices and strategies. We are also looking for applicants who are excited about advancing the culture of general education teaching at UNI. The UNIFIed Academy is limited to 6 participants.

The UNIFIed Academy will comprise 12 hours of in-person sessions from May 23 to 26 (9am-12pm each day), plus daily reflection, course development, and reading. Subsequent work to complete a required UNIFIed portfolio must be completed by June 10, 2022. 

A stipend of $1000 will be awarded for full participation in all Academy sessions and successful completion and submission of all associated artifacts.

Full description and application are available here.

Please direct questions to the UNIFI Curriculum Coordinator Jeremy Schraffenberger and/or CETL Director Jonathan Chenoweth


Fall Faculty Workshop 2022
Thursday, August 18, 2022 from 10:00am - 2:00pm

Our guest will be Kevin Gannon, who teaches history and directs the CETL at Grand View University in Des Moines. Kevin is a frequent contributor to The Chronicle of Higher Education, the author of Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto (2020), and a remarkably versatile and articulate critic of higher ed. He will be much more than a keynote speaker for us in August, as he comes ready to engage us in the workshop format. Following lunch we will have an assortment of opportunities led by movers and shakers from our own campus.

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