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Save the Date: May 18th, 2023

The day after grades are due!

On Thursday, May 18, 2023, we will combine the Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching Conference and the 2nd Annual Faculty Fun Day!


In the morning we offer three rounds of crisp 30-minute concurrent sessions – think TED Talks – spotlighting the innovation and energy UNI faculty and staff bring to their work with students and technology.

In the afternoon you can choose up to two 45-minute sessions with options ranging from NoExperienceNecessaryRockBandJam, to a greenhouse tour, to Zumba with Gabi. 

Choose to join the morning or afternoon fun, or ride all the rides. Lunch is for everyone!

Registration details will be distributed in April, but for now you can click here to save the date to your Google Calendar: May 18, 2023


Sponsored by CETL, ETMS & ODE




Teaching in 10 Podcast

With Dr. Sarah Montgomery


Get ready to be inspired as you listen to the undergraduate research experience of UNI student Tristen Prouse who recently traveled to present at a conference in New York City with Dr. Lisa Jepsen of the College of Business. Together Lisa & Tristen share about their collaboration and adventures in the latest episode of Teaching in 10 titled, “Teaching Outside of the Classroom: The Impact of Undergraduate Research.” Lisa is the Robert James Waller Professor of Economics in the College of Business at the University of Northern Iowa. She is also an Administrative Fellow in the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning at UNI. Tristen is an Economics major with a Legal Studies minor. 

In this episode Tristen & Lisa discuss how Tristen’s research on vaccine access and inequalities in the pandemic response and health care access around the world started with an idea related to Lisa’s Law & Economics course. The project has now become Tristen’s Honors Thesis and resulted in her earning a College of Business Undergraduate Research Award for conference presentations. 

Through lively stories and practical examples Tristen & Lisa share how their collaboration and conference travels have fueled them both professionally and personally!

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