Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board oversees and provides direction for the activities of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  They meet each semester, or as required.

There is a 3 year term end date, with two consecutive terms allowed.

Chair: Jonathan Chenoweth, CETL Director

Sarah Rosol, CBA (2022 - 1st Term)

Doug Shaw, CHAS (2021 - 1st Term)

Melissa Dobosh, CHAS (2022 - 2st Term)

Kimberly Baker, CSBS (2020 - 1st Term)

Megan Balong, COE (2020 - 2nd Term)

Anne Marie Gruber, LIB (2021 - 1st Term)

Faculty Senate: Leigh Zeitz, COE (2017 - 2nd Term)

Ex Officio: John Vallentine, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs