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“If I Could Do It All Over…”: 
Top 5 Things to Consider as You Refurbish Your Blackboard Course for the Future

with: Dr. Claire Stuve, University of Toledo
Monday, May 17, 2021 | 1:00pm

Somehow, we made it through an academic year like no other. Even if you haven’t yet made a point of taking stock of it all, you probably have begun collecting some take-aways: the obvious misfires, the epiphanies, the traumas, the pleasant surprises. Of course your reflective unpacking should be on your own terms and schedule, but this session is designed to offer a prioritized way to revisit your Blackboard course when the time is right. The idea is to avoid falling into the all-too-convenient trap of copying and perpetuating the unwanted products of a year spent in perpetual crisis. The idea is also to save time by suggesting targets for your efforts.

Dr. Claire Stuve returns for the third and final installment of her UNI residency for Spring 2021. Incorporating feedback from our own faculty and Educational Technology and Media Services staff, Claire offers five lenses for in person and hybrid courses that can help you “build back better” in the Blackboard Learn environment.

  • Revamping a course while the memory is fresh
  • Accessible (and inaccessible!) documents and organizational schemes
  • Interaction and collaboration for learning: best practices
  • Assessment tips
  • [Time permitting] Synchronous teaching (e.g., Zoom) best practices

We will also share some resources that have been developed on and for our own campus.

  • a link to a basic Blackboard course template from ETMS
  • a timely reminder to address the new storage quotas for new and archived courses
  • a list of upcoming workshop topics

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ANNOUNCEMENT: CETL Administrative Fellows appointed

After a highly competitive search, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Lisa Jepsen (Economics) and Professor Sarah Montgomery (Curriculum & Instruction) as administrative fellows to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, beginning with the fall 2021 semester. Drs. Montgomery and Jepsen are active scholars, dedicated and award-winning teachers, seasoned administrators, and innovative contributors to our institution and to their professions. It is clear that their impact on the work of the CETL will be immediate and substantial.

Our deep appreciation to all applicants for these positions, who reminded us that we are blessed with many capable and visionary faculty leaders. Thanks are also due to the members of the CETL Advisory Board and staff who served on the search committee.

Fellowships at the CETL are made possible by the Office of the Provost and supported by the fellows' respective Deans and Department Heads. Thanks to all for contributing to the work of the Center. We are all excited to enhance faculty opportunity and capacity in support of student learning.


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