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Colleague Observation Description

TEACH UNI Faculty Teaching Certificate

Colleague Observation Description

The purpose of the class observation is for you to examine how others teach.  You can choose the person you’d like to observe, or the CETL Director can find an appropriate colleague, given your teaching interests.

Here is the process:

  1. You and the CETL Director determine which colleague you’d like to observe.

  2. You contact the colleague and ask to observe. (Depending on the circumstance, the CETL Director can also contact).

  3. The CETL Director contacts you and the faculty member with the observation form and directions.

  4. You answer the Observation Preparation questions below.

  5. You observe your colleague teaching at least two times, completing two separate teaching observation forms.

  6. You schedule a conversation with your colleague about what you observed in order to ask questions, discuss ideas about teaching, etc.   For example, you might ask your colleague why s/he teaches the way s/he does, how his/her teaching has changed over time, and/or what has been the best advice s/he has ever received about teaching, etc.

  7. You complete your reflection and return them to the CETL Director.

  8. You and the CETL Director will discuss the observation by e-mail or in person after you’ve completed the observations.


Faculty Member Preparation and Reflection for Teaching Observation

Please create a document that includes answers to the preparation questions and your post-observation reflections.  Attach the document to your observation forms and return to the CETL, Mail Code 0460 or via e-mail.

Observation Preparation Questions: 

If you chose the colleague you wanted to observe, why did you choose this colleague?

What specific aspects of your colleague’s teaching are you interested in observing?

Post-Observation Questions:  

Now that you have observed your colleague and had a discussion with him/her about your observations, please answer the following questions:

What similarities and differences did you notice regarding your colleague’s teaching style and your own?

What did you learn from observing your colleague teach?

What did you learn from your conversation with your colleague about teaching?

What are some ways that you might enhance or change your own teaching based on what you learned from your observations and conversation with your colleague?


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