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Teaching Project Description

TEACH UNI Faculty Teaching Certificate

Teaching Project

Your TEACH UNI Teaching Project is an opportunity for you to research, implement, and assess the effectiveness of an alternative approach to teaching and/or a new teaching strategy.  The Teaching Project includes the following:

  1. Identify a teaching skill and/or student learning outcome you would like to improve. For example, would you like to become better at integrating active learning strategies into your courses so that students can apply the knowledge they learn?  Would you like to learn how to use small groups more effectively?  Is there a learning goal that your students are not meeting to your satisfaction, and you want to figure out how you might enhance their learning?

  2. Research possible ways to address the aspects of teaching you wish to focus on. There are numerous resources, both general and specific to disciplines, that can give you ideas about what kind of approaches will align well with your teaching and student learning goals.  What you choose to do is entirely at your discretion.

  3. Use the new teaching strategy or method in your classes and review your experience. Integrate the new strategy or method into your course, and reflect on how it worked.  It may take more than one use of a new teaching strategy and/or approach for you and your students to feel comfortable with it.  Will you use this method or strategy again?  If so, what changes will you make the next time you use it?  If not, why not?

  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the new strategy or idea for improving student learning. In addition to reflecting on your experience of using a new strategy or approach, assess whether and how the strategy worked to improve student learning. You will need to consider ways to determine the effects of your chosen strategies/methods in your course(s).

  5. Present your project to your colleagues. Once you have completed your project, you will present your experience and findings at a CETL event.

  6. Provide the CETL with a written description of your project, and your reflection and analysis of its effectiveness. Submit a final report on your project, which includes a summary of 1-4 above, as well as a reflection on how your participation in the TEACH UNI program has influenced your perspectives on teaching and learning.